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More and more potential home buyers in Crete discover build to order as an option to realize a dreamhouse in a sunny climate!

How does it work?
Build to order is an excellent choice to build your dreamhouse quickly, with great flexibility at low costs.

The off-plan process is simple.

  • Choose a plot to suit your needs.
  • Choose the construction type
  • Choose from an excisting design or discuss your design wishes with the architect.
  • Start building your property

What do we offer?
  • A range of construction types such as brick built or steel reinforced prefabrictaion.
  • A wide range of home designs that can be modified to your specifications
  • A wide range of plots to choose from where you want to construct your future house
  • Choose your materials. Wide range of tiles, floor covererings, kitchen designs, bathroom suites, patio areas, wall colours, windows, doortypes etc.


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